This page is a collection of frequently asked questions about our shop. Use this as a guide and any other questions/inquiries not addressed here can be asked on the Contact page.

frequently asked questions

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Do you ship to my country?

We are based in the Midwest of the United States, and we currently ship to most countries!

We do not ship to countries on USPS' International Mail Suspension List.

If you are unable to get your products delivered to your country and you are still interested in cxn art goodies, please shop our etsy! *Please note not all of our products are available on etsy. There may be shipping restrictions due to postal office suspensions, thank you for your understanding!

How are orders shipped?

  • Orders that are only flat items will be sent in recyclable letter envelopes.
  • Non-flat items like sticky note pads will be shipped in compostable and recyclable padded mailers.
  • Tote bags + Apparel will be shipped in recyclable poly mailers or compostable mailers.

Why can't I find my tracking info?

If you are unable to find your tracking info, you most likely selected the flat/untracked option (1st Class Mail) when checking out. That option does not offer tracking to reduce shipping costs for customers.

However, if you did select a tracked option when checking out and cannot locate your tracking information, please email cxnart38@gmail.com with your Order # and Date of Order.

What is a flat vs non-flat item? How does that affect shipping?

Flat items in are store include:

  • stickers
  • stickersheets
  • singular art prints
  • bookmarks

Non-flat items in our store include:

  • sticky note pads
  • tote bags + apparel
  • multiple art print packs

Please select the correct type (flat or non-flat) at check-out because it ensures that the items are packaged safely! If you order a flat and non-flat item, all items will go into non-flat packaging.

We can send flat items as untracked (cheaper than tracked) if you select that as an option when checking out, however, we are not responsible for lost orders that are untracked :-.( We recommend selecting the tracked options in case! Thank you <3

When will my order arrive?

Processing Time:

  • We will typically ship your order within 1-5 business days after your purchase.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping may be delayed depending on your location. Please be understanding of the postal service delays.

Estimated Shipping Times

  • All orders are sent through United States Postal Service (USPS)!
  • United States: 2-6 days
  • Canada: 1-2 weeks
  • Everywhere Else: 2-6+ weeks

Canada/International sticker-only mail will be shipped untracked (stamped letter mail) in efforts to reduce shipping costs. However, if you would like tracking, that will still be available for you! Please make sure to select the TRACKED option!

We do our best to ship orders as soon as possible; however, once your order has shipped and handed over to the postal carrier, it is no longer in our hands. We are not liable for any lost or damaged packages. But if you have questions about your order, you can always contact us at cxnart38@gmail.com

My order might be lost?

If you think that your order is lost...

  • We will offer either replacement or refund for USPS TRACKED orders if the order is lost, aka: the order shows being stuck in the same facility for 4+ months OR the order status shows as untrackable or lost

If you think your tracked order is "stuck"...

  • We will not offer replacement or refund unless the status is stuck for at least 4 months

If your tracked order shows as delivered but you have not received the package...

  • We cannot do anything further - please reach out to your local post office or file a help form on the USPS website if you think the package was sent to the wrong address or stolen
  • Please note that we DO NOT replace or refund lost UNTRACKED orders (ex: stamped lettermail)

We are not responsible for any lost mail or delayed shipping. Please be patient with postal services - Thank you for your understanding!

What about custom & import taxes?

We are not responsible for any import taxes applicable to you or your country. It is the buyer's responsibility to account and pay for them. Purchasing from us means you accept and acknowledge this!

What is your policy on returns, exchanges, and cancellations?

All sales are final. We do NOT accept returns or exchanges. If you have a concern with your order, please email cxnart38@gmail.com. Cancellations must be made 24 hours after purchase. We don't accept cancellations after your order has shipped.

Do you accept commissions?

Yes! Please email me at sylv@cxnart.com about commissions :)